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10 Amazing Eid Gift Ideas for your Family

Do you have any Eid gift ideas for your Family? Being a Muslim, we all celebrate both Eids every year. Eid is a time for blessings and joy through the whole Muslim community. Charity is the main purpose of Eid among Muslims of the whole world.

We distribute and share our wealth with our Family, friends, and people who can’t afford it. It is the time of celebration because every person will share gifts and food with poor and needy people. Helping the poor and needy and remembering their hardships on Eid will remind us how we all belong to Allah and are nothing without Him.

How we Spend Eid

The routine for both Eids is quite similar. You get up, take a bath and offer Eid prayer. After Eid prayer on Eid-ul-Fitr, you sit with your family, have a meal, and distribute food and money among poor and needy people. On Eid-ul-Azha, after prayer, you sacrifice animals before Allah and distribute meat among Family, friends, and poor people.

Allah gives us a unique opportunity to pray for forgiveness, celebrate and enjoy Eids with our friends and family. Eid gifts are also an important part of our Eid celebrations. Many Eid gift ideas can help you decide what to get your friends and Family on next Eid.

The purpose of Eid is that you spend this time with your family and develop a stronger bond with them. You can enjoy a whole meal together and laugh at your childhood memories. Eid is an opportunity for family members living away to come home and spend quality time with their loved ones.

10 Amazing Eid Gift Ideas for your Family

Instead of buying a gift for everyone, you can buy a single but meaningful gift for your Family. A great family present is something which all of your family can enjoy and remember for a long time. It takes a lot of effort to think about Eid gift ideas.

To decide the best present, keep in mind the ages of people in your Family. If you have more children, get something that appeals to adults and children. You can either buy a new gift or order custom-made gifts. Gifts involving an emotional touch are the best present for your friend and Family.

Here we have a list of amazing Eid gift ideas for your Family.

1. Smart Digital Picture Frame

In this digital era, celebrate Eid with new technologies. The era of giving wooden or plastic picture frames is over, and it’s time for the digital picture frame. Instead of a mounting picture frame, you can buy your family a smart digital picture frame by printing physical copies.

You can send pictures right from your smartphone and enjoy your greatest memories every single day. This gift also makes for great decor, and you can have interesting conversations about your family with guests.

2. Homemade Candles

Eid is the time when all members of the family get together to celebrate it. After the Eid holidays, everybody leaves the house for work. So, the most sentimental gift you can give your family on Eid is homemade candles.

Purchase one candle for your family member that reminds them of home when they are away. Homemade candles make a perfect gift, and they are good for the decor too. You can also buy scented candles and buy each member of your family’s favorite scent.

3. Customized Mugs

We all used to fight on mugs every single morning with our siblings. For this Eid, you can buy a customized mug for each family member. This gift makes a perfect gift and looks good for kitchen decor. Customized mugs can give an aesthetic look to your home and kitchen.

You choose your favorite picture or Tv character of your family members. It is best to add names or nicknames to know whose mug is this. This way, your siblings won’t fight anymore, and you can enjoy breakfast with your family.

4. Chocolates and Mathai

You can buy chocolates and Mathai for your Family on Eid. Mathai is the important component of Eid, and your celebration is nothing without them. So don’t give them the usual chocolate and Mathai. Order custom-made with a beautiful box. You can also customize the cover of the box.

Add the names of each family member or add a family picture to the box. Everyone brings Mathai on Eid, but you can customize it and give your Family a thoughtful Eid gift.

5. Apparels

Eid is when everyone buys clothes and popular gift items for their family members. It is the time when you can buy new apparel for your Family and gift them. For boys, you can go for traditional kurta or shalwar kameez and for girls you can go in dresses or shalwar kameez.

If your family likes Western clothes, you can buy casual jeans and shirts or even gift them some cosy night suits. It is a good idea to gift people clothes on Eid. While giving clothes to family, always remember poor and needy people who can’t afford these things and try to distribute some clothes to them.

7. Money

Eid is a perfect time to give Eidi, and there is no perfect Eidi other than money. You can give money to your Family. If you are an adult, you can give children money in small cute envelopes. If you are younger, then you can customize envelop and give money.

Eid taught us how giving the poor can lead you to internal satisfaction and peace. Eid is a way to help poor people and ask forgiveness from Allah.

8. Homemade Cake and Food

It’s not always necessary to give money or other stuff to your Family on Eid. You can also cook them food and order a customized cake. Eid is all about giving and receiving love, money, and gifts. Cooking for your family is one of the amazing Eid gifts ideas.

You can make their favorite meal and decorate the cake with your family portraits. You can also make and distribute homemade cookies and biscuits to your neighbours. If you have children at home, you can decorate the cake according to their favourite cartoon characters. You can also host dinner or lunch at your place for the whole family.

9. Crockery

Crockery is one of the best gifts you can give to your relative or Family on Eid. We all eat food every day, so we need crockery for that. You can order custom-made crockery for your Family. The purpose of crockery is that when all families get together once or twice on Eid, you all can eat in those utensils that can lift all of your spirits.

On Eid, the best gift you can give is what can be utilized every day so a person can remember you when he uses that gift. You can give your mom this gift so that she can remember you every time you use them when you are away.

10. Snack Care Package

Nowadays, there is the trend of sending a snack care package to people on their special day. Eid itself is a joyful occasion for the whole Muslim community. A snack care package will go a long way, and it is a sentimental gesture of you towards your Family.

When you all get together for dinner or lunch, you can present a snack care package to each family member. You can customize every snack care package according to the choice of every person. You can also add Mathai and chocolates along with daily essentials and snacks.

12.  Personalized Gifts

Besides giving similar gifts to everyone, you can choose a different yet personalized gift for each member of your family. For example, you can get new glasses for your father and buy a good decorating item or utensil set for your mother. You can buy comfy chairs for your grandparents to sit and relax there.

You can buy jewellery, a purse, or other accessories for your sisters and other female family members. You can buy wrist watch or play station for your brother and other male members, etc. Eid comes twice a year, allowing you to share love and gifts with your Family.

Wrapping Up:

Are you ready to buy some amazing gifts for your Family this Eid? If yes, you will find the list of 10 amazing Eid gifts ideas for your Family. You can buy them stuff according to their choice. As a member of the Family, you know each person individually and their choice. Buy them gifts like snack care packages, customized mugs, digital picture frames, apparel, etc. You can also give money to them; it is a great opportunity to help your low-income family members. Eid reminds us of the importance of having a family in our lives.

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