why are angels important in Islam

Why Are Angels Important In Islam?

Angels are the important creatures of Allah Almighty who performed different duties. Now the important question why are angels important in Islam? Angels are heavenly being created by Allah from light and perform God’s orders in the universe and in nature.

All the actions and forces of nature are active because of the presence of angels behind them, working at the command of God. They have various duties assigned by Allah Almighty and each has a well-defined role.

Angels are very prominent and important in Islam and here are some reasons why are they important.

Why are angels important in Islam?

Angles are immortal creatures made by Allah Almighty and play an important role in every Muslim’s daily life. Angels protect believers from evil and record the deeds of humans.

Angels pray and obey Allah all the time. They praise Allah Almighty:

“They exalt him night and day and do not slacken.”

Allah Almighty assigned every angel in every part of the universe.

The Quran defines the duties of angels:

“And there is not any among us, except that has a known position. And we are indeed the ones who glorify Allah.”

Here are some of the duties of angels:

  • They record the deeds of every person and keep everything a person does so that this information may be used on the day of judgment.
  • The most important duty of angels is they act as a messenger to the prophet.
  • They performed duties in Heaven and hell.
  • The angel of death takes people’s souls when they die.

Important angels and their duties:

There are hundreds of thousands of angels present in the universe with various types of duties. But some of the famous angels with important duties are the following:

  1. The angel of death

Angel Azrail is known as the angel of death. He takes the souls from the bodies when people die by the command of Allah Almighty.

  • Angel of mercy

Angel Mika’il is known as the angel of mercy. He is a friend of humanity who give food and rain by the command of Allah Almighty. Angel Mika’il is an angel of mercy so he asks Allah to forgive people’s sins.

  • Angel of revelation

Angel Jibril is named an angel of revelation. He is the most prominent and important angel in Islam. He revealed the Quran to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Jibril is also famous in Christianity because he was the one who appeared to Maryam and told her that she was pregnant with Isa.

Jibril has seen Hell and Paradise knows everything about it.

  • Angel Israfil

Angel Israfil is also an important angel In Islam. It is believed that angel Israfil will blow the final trumpet on the day of judgment.

  • Munkar and Nakir

These two angels are also very important in Islam because of their duties. Munkar and Nakir are responsible for questioning the soul of a person who has died. They are the first ones who come to the grave after the death of a human.


Angels are part of the belief of all Muslims. They believe that angels are always present with them all the time. The Quran also revealed the importance of angels in different parts. Angels are present at our shoulders to record our deeds.

So it is a fact that angels have enormous importance in Islam because of their duties and presence in every part of the universe.

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