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The Importance of Praying at Work

Being Muslim, we know the importance of prayer in our lives. Praying at work helps you relax and take some time to remember God. Praying makes you organize and help you focus on your tasks.

In Islamic countries, Muslims have no problem praying at work. There are namaz breaks during office hours to offer their prayer in time. But in non-Muslim countries, employers have struggled with handling the prayer time and religious requirement while at work.

Praying At Work

Muslims are required to pray fives times a day during certain intervals. The prayer requires ablution in which you perform the ritual of cleansing. This ritual is followed by an actual prayer consisting of bowing, standing, and reciting chapters from the Quran.

Each prayer comes with a time window for that particular prayer to be performed. Prayer times can change according to the rising and setting of the sun. But it is difficult for a person to manage prayer during his working shifts of 9 am to 5 pm.

In Quran, Allah said:

 “Verily, the prayer keeps one from the great sins and evil deeds” (29:45)

We can also see the importance of Prayer in Hadith. Once a man asked the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) about the most virtuous deed. The Prophet replied the most virtuous deed is prayer. The man asked again, and the Holy Prophet replied the same. He asked a third time, and Prophet replied the same. On the fourth time, the Prophet answered,” Jihad in the way of God.”

Reasons Why Prayer is Important in the Workplace

God teaches us to pray to ask him for his blessings and avoid sins. Praying and reciting Ayat from Quran helps us to connect with Allah and create a bond with him. Praying at work is also important because it helps you in many ways.

Prayer is meant to be your guiding star and help you pass the hurdle you face during the day.  Prayer is your conversation With Allah, and it helps you create a personal and meaningful relationship with him. He can do miracles, and prayer can bring an alignment into your plans and visions.

  1. Prayer Can Set the Tone of Your Day

Praying at work can set the tone of your day. When you wake up in the morning, you are hopeful to have a good day. But your day hit a snag for any reason that can also affect your work. So, to avoid anxiety and frustration, you must pray at work.

Start your work by praying to God, which will help your mind to get into the right place. Set your mind on God and fill your morning with thankfulness and blessings in your life.

2. Prayer is Antidote to Work Frustrations

Our working hours can easily exhaust us. We feel angry and frustrated when we deal with different people daily. Taking some time out to pray at work will help you relax and organize your thoughts. If your working hours are between 9 to 5, you have to take some time out to pray.

Work frustration can lead to a wrong decision which can hurt your company and project. Remembering Allah will help you control your anger and frustration and convert it into something positive.

3. Prayer Help You Make Better Decision at Work

How often do you find yourself making bad decisions, and you wish you acted differently? So instead of yelling and getting angry, if you include prayer during your work hours, it will help you keep calm and decide everything with reasoning.

Ask Allah for help and guidance and consider each decision in the light of the Quran. Praying at work is important because you will succeed at your tasks if you have Allah’s support.

4. Develop a Strong Relationship with Allah

How often do you talk to your friends or co-workers during the day? How often do to remember Allah through your prayers? Developing a strong relationship requires daily praying. The more you talk to Allah, the better your relationship is with him.

Praying at work, open your heart so that you can share the struggles and challenges of your work life. Sharing your problems will not only lighten you but also help you find a solution to those problems.

How to Manage Your Prayer time with Your Work

Muslims pray five times a day, and two prayers come between standard office timing. Praying at work creates a serene environment, and people follow you and pray to God. It is not difficult to manage your work with prayer time. By following these steps, you can make time for work and prayer.

  1. Accommodate Prayer Breaks

Daily prayer during a specific time window is important for Muslims. You are allowed to complete your prayer in that time. Try to complete or adjust your work according to the timings of prayers.

2. Adjust Your Break Times according to Prayers

Taking prayer breaks can be achieved by adjusting your timetable according to your routine. Every office has a namaz break in Muslim countries, so do work in your work time and pray when you have your prayer break.

3. Motivate Others to Join You

It is best if all people at your workplace will pray together. It will create a sense of brotherhood among all the employees. Always surround yourself with people who motivate you to do your best and remember God at any cost.

Wrapping Up:

Praying at work comes with a lot of blessings. Being Muslim, we have to pray five times a day. Praying at work saves us from anxiety and saves us from depression and making bad decisions. If we remember Allah daily at our workplace, he will shower countless blessings upon us and make good decisions.

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