Why Islam is a peaceful religion

Why Islam Is A Peaceful Religion

Islam is a peaceful religion because Allah, the creator, promotes peace and justice. The word Islam means ‘submission to the will of God’. Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over 1 billion followers. Muslims believe that Islam was revealed over 1400 years ago in Mecca, Arabia. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is only One God.

The Arabic word for God is Allah. According to Muslims, God sent a number of prophets to mankind to teach them how to live according to His law. Jesus, Moses and Abraham are respected as prophets of God. They believe that the final Prophet was Muhammad. Muslims believe that Islam has always existed, but for practical purposes, date their religion from the time of the migration of Muhammad. Muslims base their laws on their holy book the Quran and the Sunnah.

 The Quran, which is the Islamic holy book, commands its followers to do good deeds and show kindness to others. It also demands that they uphold justice and fight oppression whenever possible. In Islam, it is believed that all of Allah’s creation deserves respect and must be treated with dignity. This includes fellow believers, non-believers, and even animals.

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad also emphasize peace and justice. He taught his followers to be respectful of all life, to remain patient in the face of adversity, and to help those in need. These lessons have been passed down through generations and are a key aspect of Islamic culture.

Overall, Islam seeks to spread love and kindness throughout the world and advocates fairness and justice among all humanity. The values of peace, compassion, respect, and understanding that the Islamic faith promotes are essential in creating an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. This helps ensure that all people can live together in harmony and peace, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The word Islam comes from the Arabic word “salaam,” meaning peace.

The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word “salaam,” which means peace, purity, submission, and obedience. In the context of the religion of Islam, it means submission to the will of God and following His commandments as revealed in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

“He is Allah—there is no god except Him: the King, the Most Holy, the All-Perfect, the Source of Serenity, the Watcher of all, the Almighty, the Supreme in Might, the Majestic. Glorified is Allah far above what they associate with Him in worship”. (Al-Hashr 59:23)

Islam encourages its followers to work towards peace and harmony in their personal and social lives, and to treat all people with kindness and compassion, regardless of their religion, race, or ethnicity. This emphasis on peace and harmony is reflected in the greeting commonly used by Muslims, which is “As-Salaam-Alaikum,” meaning “peace be upon you.”

Islam is a monotheistic religion – Muslims believe in only one God.

This belief is reflected in the Islamic five pillars of faith, which emphasize peace and justice. The pillars call for respect of all life, including animals; patience in times of struggle; kindness and generosity to those in need; prayer five times a day; fasting during Ramadan; pilgrimage to Mecca if able; and charity. These principles form the foundation of Islam and provide a code of conduct for its adherents to follow.

Overall, Islam is a religion of peace that encourages its followers to live in harmony with one another. Its core values promote justice, respect, kindness, and understanding across all cultures and beliefs. By following the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad, Muslims are able to lead lives that reflect the peaceful nature of their faith.


Islam is a peaceful religion that seeks to promote peace throughout the world. The Quran, Prophet Muhammad’s teachings, and the core values of the Islamic faith all contribute to the peaceful nature of Islam. By following these principles, Muslims can create a society where everyone is treated with respect and kindness, and is able to live together in peace.

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