how to pray qiyam

How to Pray Qiyam?

How to Pray Qiyam? Standing in prayer all night is called Qiyam. Muslims across the globe offer Qiyam to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. We must pray to Allah and thank him for all of his blessings.

Praying at night helps us to make a strong bond with our creator. We can talk to him for hours and pay attention to his teachings.

What is Qiyam

The word Qiyam means standing in prayer all night. It is the essential part of Juz of salaah, and it means to stand Infront of Allah to show supplication during the night.

In Quran, Allah says, “O you who wraps yourself in clothing, arise during the night to pray, for only half of it, or add a little to it or subtract from it, and read the Quran in measure” (73:1-4).

Allah indeed has an excellent reward for people who pray to him at night. Praying Qiyam brings peace and strength to your life.

How to Pray Qiyam?

You can start praying Qiyam after Isha prayer, or you can wake up in the middle of the night. When you overcome your sleep to pray to Allah, you show devotion to Him. The first thing you need to do is decide before going to bed. It will provide you with power so that you can wake up during the middle of the night and pray Qiyam.

The honest intention always wakes you up for prayer, and you can earn rewards and ask forgiveness and his blessing. When you are ready to pray, make an intention to perform two rakats for Tahajjud. Any form of night prayer must include prayer Qiyam, and you can repeat rakats as you like.

Two Rakat for Qiyam is the bare minimum; you can increase the number as you like. There is no limit to Qiyam prayer but while praying, concentrate on Allah and not on other things. Ask Allah to open your heart to see and help the world, especially Muslims.

It is said that Holy Prophet (S.A.W) offered 13 Rakat for prayer Qiyam, including the two Rakat of fajr prayer. Once you have finished your prayer and azkaar, say dua at the end of Qiyam. You can pray to Allah and ask him anything.

Qiyam is the prayer that you need to say during the night. This prayer also includes nafil, salah, zikr, recitation of Holy Quran, etc.

Benefits of Praying Qiyam

The importance of praying Qiyam is mentioned in both Quran and Hadith. We should perform Qiyam because it is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) who provides us a universal guide for all humanity. He taught Muslims to pray to Allah to strengthen themselves and develop a refined connection.

In Quran, Allah Says:

“Indeed, your Lord knows, (O Muhammad), that you stand in prayer for almost two-thirds of the night or half of it, and so a group of those with you” (73:20).

There are many benefits of praying Qiyam.

1. It Provides you Success

Performing Qiyam prayer can help you achieve great success in your life. The more you stand before Allah and ask for things, the more He will give you forgiveness and shower countless blessings upon you. God teaches us to pray to spread peace among our communities. In Quran, Allah says,

“And as for the night, remain awake for a part of it as it is an additional prayer for you: so that your Lord can elevate you to a station worthy of glory and praise” (17:79).

2. The Most Virtuous Prayer

Qiyam is said to be the essential prayer after obligatory prayer. As Abu Hurairah in Tirmidhi 438, “Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said that Qiyam is the most virtuous prayer after the obligatory prayers.”

You perform this prayer when no one is around, giving you an opportunity, to be honest with Allah and confess your sins before Him. Allah forgives the Person who asks for Tauba by heart. Allah rewards a person by answering to the Person’s obedience and sincerity.

3. Bring Close to Allah

On many occasions, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said that “the righteous used to perform Qiyam as a habit before us and it brings us close to Allah while we are expiating our Bad deeds.” (Tirmidhi: 3549).

How to pray Qiyam? If you pray Qiyam, it helps you achieve nearness to your creator. You can expect to develop a strong bond with him with your night prayers and get the benefits of forgiveness and countless blessings.

4. Avoid Sins

Praying Qiyam helps you be regular in standing in front of Allah, enabling you to avoid sin. When you know that you are praying before Allah, you will refrain from evil and do good deeds.

It is essential to repent your evil deeds in the night so that you can free yourself from the chains of sin and claim heaven on the day of judgment.

5. Best Monitoring Tool

There comes a time in every Person’s life when he goes through downhills and can find a way to get out of it. The way to get out of it is to pray Qiyam, ask yourself why you are in this situation, and ask help from Allah. If you genuinely want to improve your heart, you have to include and remember him during all of your life decisions.

In Quran, Allah says, “O you who believe! Fear Allah and keep your duty to him. Let every person look to what he has sent forth for the morrow, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All-aware of what you do”. (59:18).

Wrapping Up:

How to pray Qiyam? Qiyam is the prayer that you offer in the middle of the night. Qiyam is not included in obligatory prayers, but it is virtuous. There is a specific way to perform Qiyam. You can either offer two Rakat or extend it as you like. You can recite Quran and offer dua in Qiyam. It helps you develop a strong bond with Allah and ask forgiveness for your sins.

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